The place for sport, health and relax for the whole family! 

Inergy Fitness&Spa is three-flours building, where there are gym, group activities hall, undoors pool, spa zone (sauna, infrared sauna, steambath and relax zone). 3 massage studios, solarium and coffee-protein bar with a big open terracy. 

Pool Activities

Indoors pool with 20 х 7m size.  The temperature of the water is 29 degrees. The temperature of the air is 32 degrees. 

Aqua Aerobics

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Baby Swimming Class

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Adult Swimming Classes

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Kids Swimming Classes

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Group Activities

Variety of group activities for all ages – perfect shape and good mood! 


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Kangoo Jumps

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Power Pilates

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Irish Dances

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Healing gymnastics for adults

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Healing yoga

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Group Activities – KIDS

Sports activities for children over 4 years

Boxing for kids

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Hip Hop & Brake Dances for Kids

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Gymnastics for kids

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1680 Sofia, Borovo
Solun 59b Str.

Working hours: 7.00 – 23.00
phone: 0884593011

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